Visa, Residency and Immigration:

Visa, residency and immigration: Our law firm provides visa and residency for foreigners who want to enter Iraq or Kurdistan Region and stay there.
The foreigner who wants to visit should determine the visiting place before obtaining visa. that could change some of the procedures between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.
1 –Obtaining an entry visa from the federal government in Iraq / Baghdad
  The applicant must specify the reason for his visit to Iraq. And have a valid passport for six months or more and there should be no impediments to entering Iraq for security, health or ethical reasons.
We help our clients get visa of the federal government in Iraq
Types of visa entry into Iraq:
The visa of the entry into Iraq have many types such as  visit or tourism, the usual visa, political visa, service attribute, pass attribute, forced attribute and multiple visa. All kinds of entry visa in Iraq are subject to the basic conditions such as the period of entry of the passport and the entry barriers for security reasons, health or ethical.
Visit visa: The holder is entitled to enter Iraq once. Within one month from the date of granting it and to stay there for one month
Tourism visa: The holder is entitled to enter Iraq once within three months from the date of the grant and stay there for one month.
The normal visa: The holder is entitled to enter Iraq once within three months from the date of granting it and stay there for a period not exceeding three months. He must check with the Directorate of Residence to confirm his arrival ten days after arrival and entry into Iraqi territory.
Multi-attribute visa: Granted for three months or six months or one year after the availability of legal conditions.
Entry visa in Kurdistan Regional Government / Erbil:
Holders of entry visas in Kurdistan Region to enter Iraq through the border crossings of the Kurdistan Region. Holders of foreign passports cannot enter Kurdistan Region with less than six month passport validity.
There are a large number of countries that can enter the Kurdistan Region without obtaining preconceived visas, but enter the region directly from the crossings of the Kurdistan Region, such as the European Union, Russia, America, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.
  1. Obtaining residency in Iraq:
We provide a service to obtain residency in Iraq. Those wishing to reside in Iraq or employees of companies operating in Iraq may benefit from this service.
The requester of residence in Iraq must provide a convincing legal reason for his staying in Iraq and one of the most obvious reasons that can be provided for a residence is work.
Khori Yasa presented the procedures for issuing the residence document for the employees of international companies and international NGOs working in Iraq, and obtaining residence in Iraq by law firms or lawyers is easier because of their experience in this field and the relevant laws and procedures.
Residency in Kurdistan Iraq:
The KRG Residence Department may have different conditions from the federal government. In some cases, foreigners aiming to reside in the Kurdistan Region must also obtain the residency of the Kurdistan Region even if they are holders of the Federal Government.