Khori Yasa Law Firm provides various legal services and advice. The firm usually provides the major sets of services stated below. However, these are not the only services that the firm provides. The firm might also provide other services not listed here if these are related to its specialty and professional capacity.
Legal consultation related to business activities, residency, contracts, legal protection and other matters.
Visa, residency and immigration affairs   
Companies’ affairs
Legal and contracts and business affairs related to government and governorates  
Contracts & Drafting
Local and international contracts
Oil and gas related legal matters and contracts
Real estate affairs
To provide excellent service and to accomplish its commitments towards its clients, Khori Yasa has a team of professional lawyers who have sufficient knowledge of various fields of local, national and international laws such as Investment Laws, Labor Laws, Civil Laws, Criminal Law, International Law and other laws and agreements between the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Iraq and other states.