Oil and gas legal affairs

Oil & gas legal services: Iraq is one of the countries rich in natural resources, such as oil and gas. Iraq is one of the founding countries of OPEC. Therefore, and there are many legislation and laws on oil, gas and other natural resources in both the Iraqi federal government and Kurdistan Region.
The legal field of oil and gas or Oil & gas legal services is very wide because of the legal system in one hand. Procedures and the process of exploration, extraction, multiple uses and market on the other.
We can meet the needs of oil companies in the legal field. We have experience with international and domestic oil companies by working with them and providing them with all legal services.
On this side, Khori Yasa is registered with the Ministry of Oil of the Kurdistan Region (MNR) as one of its reliable legal companies (AVLs), as an oilfield services company in the legal fields under number (100056) on 16.2.2017