Legal consultation about Iraq law

Legal advice, consultation and Iraqi law inquiry: Khori Yasa law firm provides legal advice and consultation about Iraq law. In various fields and applications of laws.
Legal advice, consultation and Iraqi law inquiry vary in different regions. In view of Iraq, which is considered a federal state. There are two areas of the legal system. One under the jurisdiction of the federal central government’s legal system. Another under the authority of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
We provide our clients with legal consultations in Iraq in a detailed, concise and simplified manner that suits the needs and demands of the clients.
All legal consultations are provided through our consultants. Who have work experience in the field of legal consultations and judicial applications. Accompanied by evidence and legal material in the laws applicable to the manner or the case and our opinion on it and the reasons and their applications in the courts.
Our firm provides many of its clients around the world with legal consultation on Iraqi law and in the various fields of laws.
If you need legal advice. Or want to ask about any legal subject  or legal case  and you want a reliable legal answer or legal action. In various areas such as commercial law, companies, investment, visa and residence, intellectual property rights or any future conflict issue. Please contact us.