Attorney Advertising

 The purpose of this website is not for marketing. It also not for advertising for Khori Yasa Law Firm. Even not for advertising to a lawyer or lawyers in Iraq, But only for introducing the firm.
In addition, we dd not organize the website for the purpose of advertising for the attorney members. Whose name stated in the website, either as a group or as individuals. That is, this website does not represent or advertise for its members. Therefore, clients who need special legal advice might consult an attorney member. However, members are not entitled to use the name of Khori Yasa when providing special advice for their clients.
The outcomes of similar cases and transaction are not necessary to be the same and they might vary according to their conditions. Therefore, the firm cannot guarantee similar outcomes for all similar cases and transaction. The conditions of each case and transactions usually rules their outcomes. The firm can only promise its clients that it will work for their cases and transaction properly according to the legal rules and regulations.

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