Why lawsuit petition should be concise?

Lawyers should be careful when they write a lawsuit petition. The court shall decide on the case as the main focus of the judgement and adopt all pleadings of the parties to the case on the basis of the petition
  1. Ensure that the defendant (opponent) of the plaintiff from the legal point of view, and that the assertion of the opponents of the lawsuit is to direct the case in a proper and correct direction and to make sure that the plaintiff is an opponent to the defendant or not, there are some principles and conditions necessary to take into consideration and attention, Article NO. 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure (General Conditions).
  2. Ensure that the formal requirements in the (petition).
There are some cases that require the establishment of some formal requirements and an example of this (termination of contract) which requires the necessity of a warning before Prosecute the case and in the absence of warning the lawsuit do not Achieve the formal requirements, In the administrative case, the grievance must be submitted before the lawsuit is Prosecute, In order not to be rejected by the Court because of formal requirements.
It is better to divide the petition into three sections in general:
The first section clarifies the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant. In the second section shows the current and taken between the parties to the case proceedings (such as if the plaintiff fulfilled its obligations or that the defendant breached the contractual obligations).
Whether or not an ultimatum has been issued by the plaintiff. This section provides a summary of the proceedings and the reason for the Prosecute.  The third Section specifies the request, which requires the court to issue the decision and bind the defendant.
Each of these sections varies according to the type and nature of the lawsuit. This means that the
Lawyers should be careful when they write a lawsuit petition. The court shall decide on the case as the main focus of the judgement and adopt all pleadings of the parties to the case on the basis of the lawsuit petition consists of the introduction, the content and the request. (Write what is necessary in the case without going into details).
It sets out the guidelines of the case (but takes into consideration the conditions of the case).
Because the petition proceedings as the basis for a lawsuit, so it is better to take into account the terms of the case, because the civil case, in particular claims of court of first instance, A lawyer can use his or her legal skills according to the stages of the proceedings and the needs of each stage of dealing with the case. Its better (leaving space and area) for pleadings.
Because if we provide all our information and details so cannot be adapted with (the petition, the plaintiff’s defences, clarifications and pleadings). In this case there is no flexibility and we face the state of contradiction.
The lawyer must be like the captain of the ship, directing his ship according to the situation and necessity that is the litigation and trying not to lose control. Defendant pleadings conditioning court (in this case) are the difficulties and gaps faced by the lawsuit and the transit intelligently and experience and all this can be obtained by writing a petition lawsuit briefly.

Set up a company in Iraq – Kurdistan – Erbil

Setup company Iraq Kurdistan Erbil, After the amendment of the law of Iraqi corporation in 2004, the same law applied in Kurdistan Region, the procedures for incorporation in the regional government is the same procedures as the central government, the difference between them were official fees only.
In January 2018 some procedures changed in the transactions of corporation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The General Directorate of corporation in the KRG implemented the electronic system on Internet, although this did not conflict with the law, but the change was in the routine and procedural.
However, the electronic system was not applied to all procedures, such as paying fees and opening the bank account of the corporation. This means that if you want to set up a corporation in the   Kurdistan region of Iraq / Erbil you take consideration that some of the procedures are electronic and some are not electronic so you have to review the departments to complete the procedures.
Form a corporation or other procedures in this way is a positive step, but it is not free from shortcomings. It is to force the corporation applicant  or the director to review the departments for certain procedures such as paying the fees and highlighting the original copies of the documents such as identity, passport, residence, set up corporation to certify papers or object to decisions, all these things can not be carried out by the electronic system.

An investment contract in Erbil

Khori Yasa has managed to arrange a contract regarding an investment contract in Erbil, Kurdistan/Iraq. The project comprises 711 housing units with water supply network, electricity distribution networks, building roads, kindergarten, school, police station and shopping mall. The cost of the project is (7 million US dollars) and the duration of executing the contract is 36 months. Besides, the project is licensed by the Kurdistan Investment Authority.